Help secure a brighter financial future

What we can help you with


Home Ownership

Want to become a homeowner? It doesn’t need to feel intimidating. We can talk about the financial costs of owning a home, make a plan to get there, and prepare for the additional costs of purchasing and home ownership.


Combining Finances with your Partner

Why you should or shouldn’t combine bank accounts with your partner. More importantly, how to get your finances to work with your partner’s to help you both achieve your financial goals faster.


Education Savings/Funding

Part of having healthy personal finances, and the lack of stress that comes with it, means having a Will for your kids. Let’s talk about how to get a cost-effective Will that will help you sleep at night knowing your kids will be well cared for.

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Investing Advice/Guidance

It’s important to have investments beyond the home you own. Investing doesn’t have to be scary. There are ways you can - and should - make sound investments. The best advice I ever received was, make your money work for you. I'm so glad I did.


Maximizing Company Benefits

Receiving a stack of financial forms on day one of a new job can be daunting. This is the first step to determining where your money goes so it’s important to know how to make the most of it. Making decisions about health benefits, RSPs, employee stock options, etc. doesn’t need to be made alone or in fear.

Closing the Gaps on Loose Spending

Not sure where your money goes each month or at the end of every year? It’s time to Get Constructive and feel good knowing exactly where your money is. We’ve all made financial mistakes and the results don’t determine who you are now, or in the future. Let’s lay it all on the table and construct a solid game plan.


"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

- Henry David Thoreau