I’m Russ and I have obtained the FPSC Level 1© Certificate in Financial Planning. That means I’ve studied and taken a certified exam that proves I’m competent at financial planning. More importantly, I’m someone you can trust to help you make the right financial decisions—for you.

Like most people, I have gone through the ups and downs of financial planning. When I was first faced with decisions regarding work benefits, RRSPs, Pension Plans, TFSAs, insurance, and car loan financing, I was in over my head. I found that even with the help from a traditional financial advisor, I was left confused and still felt I wasn't getting any further ahead. I realized I would need to take the initiative to learn more if I really wanted to achieve my financial goals. To take measures into my own hands, I began late night research, read monotonous books , and took a series of financial planning courses until successfully passing the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) exam.

The knowledge I gained from countless hours of research prepared me to make stress free financial decisions first for myself, and then for friends and family. Seeing the results from the advice I had given is what drove me to begin a career as a financial planner.


“I truly believe that when financial knowledge is achieved early in one’s personal and professional life, it creates a stability that cannot be created by anything else.”