You have questions about money and I want to help.

I want fewer people to stress about money. That’s why I’ve started Office Hours. Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7 pm MST we’ll talk money. Maybe you just had a baby and are wondering about RESPs, maybe you just got engaged and are thinking about the possibilities of a double income, maybe you’re stressed about money and want someone who is unbiased and non-judgemental to talk to about it.

Growing Your Income: To side hustle or not to side hustle-that is the question.

You hear a lot about side hustles these days. Even Constructive Wealth originally started as side hustle. Side hustles are important when we’re talking about growing your income. They can be used to add to your income over the years, or they can developed into something that eventually replaces your salary and primary job.

A side hustle sounds fun - and it is - but let’s be real, it means you have two jobs. Two local side-hustlers share their take on it.

Growing Your Income: Furthering Education... And Paycheques

Here we are with the second post in a three part series where we’re talking about growing your income. In the last post I talked about the importance of raises early in your career. Today, we’re talking about furthering your education as a way to grow your income. This isn't about growing your income in the near future. In this scenario you're playing the long game.

Depending on your education and occupation, increasing your education has a lot of potential to grow your income. 

Luckily I know of two people with experience furthering their education.

Growing Your Income: Why raises are important early in your career

A lot of time in the finance world is spent talking about making the most of the money you're currently earning. I'm all for this (I’ve even built a business around this idea)! What's discussed less often but is in many ways more important is how to earn more money that you can then maximize. This is the first of a three part series where I'll be talking about ways to increase your earnings.